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This is a Bulletin Board System that runs on a Commodore VIC-20 computer. The VIC requires at least 37KB of RAM expansion, a 1541 disk drive or equivalent external storage, and a WiFi modem or null modem equivalent. The BBS program can use a real time clock (RTC) to keep track of the date and time. The program is a mix of machine language routines and a main BASIC program. Overlays are not used.

Source Code

Check out my Github repository at for all the code as well as downloading the latest releases. This repo supercedes anything on this website.

Current Work Item:

File Uploads and Downloads

Recently Completed:

Reboot of whole project! I decided to keep some of the critical I/O routines in machine language (ie: displaying a file, getting input from the remote user), and then put the rest in BASIC (very similar to Color 64 and other BBS systems). The BBS is almost complete now. You can call it, sign up, view bulletins, read and post messages, change your settings, etc. The only main feature to be built is the file upload and downloads.

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